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Communications from Chipola

Student Summer Book Orders: 4/13/2020 from Mrs. Melissa Cauley

Good morning Guidance Counselors,

... Karen Hall the dual enrollment advisor has been scanning and emailing you student schedules as they are registered.  We hope this will help you in the book order process.  We realize many of you may have books at the high school and may not want all books ordered, therefore we have directed students to contact you regarding their book orders for summer courses.

PERT at Gulf Coast State College: 4/9/2020 from Mrs. Karen Hall

Some have inquired about students taking the PERT test remotely at Gulf Coast State College.  
Please be advised that this is not an option for Chipola students at this point; this option is only for GCSC students.  
Again, Chipola is working on the option of offering the PERT Test remotely,  and we will let you know if and when it is an option.

Important PERT information: 4/9/2020 from Mrs. Karen Hall

Shannon Mercer, Director of Enrollment Services, asked me to share with you that PERT Testing at Chipola has been postponed until April 30th.  
We are currently, actively pursuing PERT testing remotely.  As soon as we have this option up and operating, we will notify you and post it on CANVAS and on the Chipola website.  
We appreciate your patience as we work on this option.  

Current Senior Dual Enrolled Students: 4/7/2020 from Mrs. Karen Hall

If your current DE Seniors have questions about registering for Summer classes, please advise them of the following:


  1. 1.      From their Chipola email, they should email me with the course name and full course code requesting to be registered. 
  2. 2.      Their residency forms must be submitted to Admissions; otherwise, they will be charged out-of-state tuition.
  3. 3.      Payment deadline for Summer A & B is May 7th.
  4. 4.      If they are receiving financial aid or scholarships for summer classes, they should check their Chipola email DAILY.  The Financial Aid office will be sending emails concerning payment, financial aid, scholarships, etc. 

Summer Registration/Seniors: 4/6/2020 from Mrs. Karen Hall

Good morning,


Attached is a copy of the Course Voucher in case some of you are working from home. 

The Summer 2020 schedule is posted; however, there are few courses offered. 

Please remind your Seniors, if you are in contact with them, that they may register for Summer classes but will have to pay for them as they will no longer be DE students when the class ends. 

Summer Registration payment is due MAY 7th

Also, remind Seniors that they must have their Residency Form turned in prior to registration. 

Summer Schedule: 4/2/2020 from Mrs. Karen Hall

Good morning,


I have just received word that Summer class schedules, which all will most likely be online, will be revised and finalized by Friday. 

I will let you know when that is done.  Please stand by. 

Spring Withdrawal and Resignation Dates: 3/31/2020 from Mrs. Karen Hall

Good morning, 
I hope you all are doing well under these circumstances.  I wanted to share again important information that Mrs. Cauley sent previously.  Please see below. 

Spring Term A - Withdrawal and Resignation Dates extended

Spring Term A Withdrawal deadline has been extended to Monday, April 6th.

Spring Term A Resignation from all classes deadline has been extended to Monday, April 13th .

To withdraw or resign students should email admissions at .

Be sure to include the following in the email:

  1. Student Name and Student ID number
  2. The course prefix, course number and section to withdraw from.
  3. Students desiring to resign from all classes should include the course prefix, course number and course section for all classes
  4. Include a copy of driver’s license or student ID in the email
IN ADDITIONAL TO THE ABOVE, the guidance counselor must also send an email to, Rachel Smith, which provides the counselor's permission for the student to withdraw from the class.  Counselors, in your email, please include the student name in the Subject Line.  In the body, please verify that the student has your permission to withdraw from _______________ (course name, prefix, and number) class.  
Nutshell, the Admissions Office must have both an email from the student and from the guidance counselor.  
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me. I am working remotely.  

Summer Registration Dates and Procedures: 3/31/2020 from Mrs. Karen Hall

Below is a copy of the email that Mrs. Cauley sent earlier.  

Dear Guidance Counselors,


Chipola College will be closed for the remaining spring semester, which means that no one is allowed to be on campus.  Advising will have a limited staff, however no college resources will be open for students during the rest of the spring semester. The library, testing center and ACE will be closed.  If this changes I will be sure to let you know.  Students will continue to complete their courses remotely through Canvas.



·         Currently the Testing Center is closed for testing. Students will not be required to come to the testing center for proctored tests, their instructors will work with them regarding testing and to help them complete courses.   The PERT has been suspended until April 30th and will be re-evaluated at that time. 


·         ACE tutoring will be available through a course on Canvas.  Every student has been enrolled in the course. Students can access tutoring assistance through the course. 


·         We will continue to register students remotely for the summer terms registration begins April 12th. .  Students will not be allowed to come to the advising hall at this time. Students can call or email to register for courses. The summer class schedule can be viewed at  most of the summer I & II schedule will be online.  I will follow up with an email regarding the books for summer I courses, at this time the bookstore is closed. 


·         Please follow the instructions below for registering students remotely for the summer terms.


°         Please complete a course voucher for each student and email the voucher to Karen Hall at .  Karen may be reached by phone at 850-718-2424.

°         In your email body please include the students' names you are registering as this will help with quick retrieval if necessary. If you are sending one Course Voucher, please include the Student's Name in the Subject Line.  

°         Karen will then register the students and send you a schedule.  She will also take the course vouchers to the business office.

°         Please be sure to inform the students of their summer schedule.


As we move to complete the semester, you will have many questions as will your students.  Please email or call and we will be glad to assist you anyway we can.

Spring Classes: 3/17/2020 from Dr. Pamela Rentz

Good Afternoon, Ms. Yon,
We have made no decision yet as to whether we will reopen on March 30th.  However, it is likely that we will migrate to remote/online instruction using our Canvas learning management system.  This will allow our faculty to provide instruction through the rest of the semester, and students will be able to submit work through Canvas.  For those students who do not have computer or internet at home, the instructor may have to post a grade of Incomplete and work with the student to complete the work after the college reopens. If you have faculty who teach dual enrollment courses on your campus, they can follow the same plan.  If they are unfamiliar with Canvas, Vikki Milton, our Learning Resources Director, will be glad to work with them.  They can contact her at There are also online training sessions available to all instructors on how to use Canvas and how to teach an online course that will assist them if they complete the training. These are available in My Chipola. We are hoping that faculty will be flexible in working with students and innovative in how they assess mastery of the Student Learning Outcomes.  When we have an official decision about how we are proceeding, we will post it on the college website and email all faculty and students.  Thank you.