Two Calhoun County Graduates Recognized by Commissioner of Education

– Commissioner’s Leadership Award Presented 

Calhoun County Superintendent of Schools Ralph Yoder announced that two graduates of the Calhoun County School District were recognized by Florida’s Commissioner of Education, Pam Stewart, during the State Board of Education meeting on February 18. The purpose of the award is to recognize students or former students for demonstrating perseverance through challenging times, maintaining an academic focus on meeting educational goals and committing to achieve their personal best.        

The two graduates recognized were Devon Lovelace, a 2015 graduate of Altha Public School, and Mathew Wood, a 2015 graduate of Blountstown High School.

When Devon was 14, he counted down the days until he could drop out of school. However, he preserved and was selected during his junior year in high school to receive a Take Stock In Children Scholarship. He is currently enrolled in Chipola College’s Engineering Technology program. He was accompanied by Sue Price, Principal of Altha Public School.

Mathew is currently enrolled online college and plans a career in accounting. He was accompanied by his mother Kim Wood and Lisa Hobby. Mrs. Hobby was Mathew’s paraprofessional from PreK-12thgrade. In her nomination, Mrs. Hobby wrote, “Mathew has faced many challenges throughout his life. He was born without any arms. He has to do everything with his feet; therefore it takes him a couple of minutes longer than others. He never said he could not do things, he only asked how we were going to do the task.”

Superintendent Yoder stated, “I am proud of the accomplishments of both Devon and Mathew. This recognition from Commissioner Stewart and the State Board of Education reinforces the fact that many of life’s obstacles are not insurmountable. It also signifies that the investment made by Calhoun County School District’s faculty and staff into the lives of our students pays dividends in assisting them before and after graduation.”