Jackson Goins became Altha's 12th state champion over the weekend. Goins had the highest bench press and clean and jerk as he finished 30 pounds ahead of second place. It is Jackson's second state medal and his third year as a state qualifier. Jackson is a student of the game and is the hardest worker in the room. You never want to be too confident, but I just knew he was on a different level than everyone else this year. I have told him that you know someone is good if they can have a bad day and still be the best. Thats exactly what he did Saturday. He didn't necessarily have a bad day, but it wasn't the total we we're hoping for. He absolutely deserves to be called a champion because that's exactly what he is. I would like to thank everyone who came and supported him. Jackson's story is not over though. He has one more year to go, and I believe he will make the most of it!

By Coach Robbie Joe Smith