Just to give an update regarding high school graduations, this message was sent as a call out to parents of seniors at both of our high schools:

Dear Senior Parents,

I would first like to congratulate you and your senior for the accomplishments they have made that have gotten them to this point in their lives.  Secondly, I want to say I am truly sorry for the impact the current situation has had on our senior’s year, however, we will persevere.

On Wednesday, April 22nd, we met with senior class presidents, senior class student government representatives,   senior class sponsors and both high school principals to discuss graduation options permissible under the current CDC guidelines.  The discussion was productive and two viable options were agreed upon.  The students wanted to have a ceremony that is as close to traditional as possible if there would be opportunity in the summer.  They also wanted to put together a virtual ceremony that would be in place if the other option was not possible.  We are currently making plans with both of those options in mind.  There has been a lot of planning that has taken place and each of you will be contacted by your child’s school of how parents will be able to participate. 



Darryl Taylor


April 3, 2020

The Calhoun County School District is committed to providing as much support as possible to ensure that the graduating class of 2020 meets their graduation requirements. FLDOE testing requirements have been waived but graduating seniors are still required to meet the credit requirements for graduation as well as maintain a 2.0 GPA.  Students will be provided specific support and guidance from their high school administration and counseling department.  The district will work with consideration and diligence to ensure all seniors are on track to graduate.  Each individual high school will continue their existing practices of support and guidance to address individual student's needs as appropriate.

Volunteer hours for Bright Futures must be turned in to the Guidance Office by May 1, 2020.  The Volunteer hours form is located on the school website.  Senior packets must be turned in to the schools by May 1, 2020.

Graduation plans are on hold due to our current situation however, we want to make sure that our seniors get the recognition that they deserve.  Please be assured that this is in the forefront of our minds.  Plans will be forthcoming.  

Please check your school's website for scholarship information and due dates.